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around here lately // part one

Added on by Jordan Martone.

this summer has been busy... so busy that this post has 2 parts... 

LA summer has been a never ending example of la la land's "another day of sun" . lots of traffic and lots of heat and constant reminders that we live in los angeles. how lucky are we?!


the doyles came for a visit! ryan and alissa are dear friends and relatives of ours. alissa gave birth to sweet baby brynlee in march so this was their first LA visit since this major life change. it was amazing to see them in a new role as parents! and they asked joe and i to be brynlee's godparents... i'm not crying, you're crying. we are extremely honored! 


i've been playing and recording quite often with the hollywood chamber orchestra. i wish i could post more about this group (i'm ecstatic!) but most of it needs to be kept under wraps. i recorded for a documentary film at sony and in between rehearsals at FOX, my stand partner and got a pic with Brian & Stewie. Stewie was panting heavily from prancing about in a hot costume in the LA sun, so this got awkward pretty quick.


as for brando, he's living his best life. his first foray to the dog park resulted in happiness and lots of mud.


our dear friend ricky chavez came by our home to photograph both joe & i for AEA ribbon microphones. any time with ricky is a joy and his work is always excellent. 


another photoshoot! joe's old high school friend nicole guido shot us for her portfolio. she wanted to capture us in our natural habitat. (we didn't tell her that our natural habitat is zonked out on the couch watching movies.) 


and lastly, i've been doing a fair amount of remote recording (recording from our home studio.) for various projects and films. one particular film i can actually talk about is a lifetime movie called "the wrong crush" starring vivica a. fox. it came out on July 2nd and i played all the violin on the main theme! woo! 

stay tuned for part 2, AKA Jordan finds the time to type it out :)