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post your drafts, jordan!* part one

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in an attempt to overcome my newly discovered writing insecurity, i'm posting old (and i mean very old) drafts i never finished because i deemed them unworthy. here ya go:


it's september! fire month! what is normally an annual joke about how southern california reachest its warmest temperatures in september has turned into a literal interpretation of life right now. there is a raging, recording breaking fire 20 miles away that is raining ash on my car window. and unrelated to fire, i came home today to find that the water main for my neighborhood has burst and water was spraying out of the road like armaggedon. the world is ending folks, right here in socal. and i'm going down first, apparently. 

a little life update: my parents moved! if you know the slocum family, you know we have lived in the mojave desert since i was a wee young thing, 17 years ago exactly. they've moved closer to LA and closer to me! it now only takes me 30 mins to get to their house instead of the 1hr 15min it used to be. their new house is the cutest little 1960's cape cod home you've ever seen. like the same model as the monopoly houses that you use to stack up on the boardwalk to take all your little sister's money cuz let's face it, she doesn't know how to play this game and it was only a matter of time.  

in my wildest dreams, i live in this exact house but it's located in toluca lake and my dark, curly-haired children attend the best schools and my husband is recording in the studio that was once a detached garage and i have mastered the art of homemade sourdough bread inbetween studio sessions for the latest marvel summer blockbuster. alas, 'tis but a dream.