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post your drafts, jordan!* part two

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in an attempt to overcome my newly discovered writing insecurity, i'm posting old (and i mean very old) drafts i never finished because i deemed them unworthy. here ya go:


happy fall! everyone's favorite season! (so it seems)

joe and i are off to pennsylvania this weekend. no, we don't intend to fly to the east coast every freaking fall but our relatives keeping getting married... sheesh... joe's cousin is getting married in the town where joe spent a large chunk of his childhood. he's eager to show me the tiny town and the zippo lighter factory, the only place in the world that manufactures zippo lighters... and i'm putting on my patient hat :)

with the invention of instagram stories, i find myself posting exclusively on there and not saving the majority of my life experiences in picture form. i keep sitting down to write a blog post, thinking i've saved up loads of photos and content, only to find nothing at all in my camera roll... what?! so i'm making more of a conscious effort to do better. 

since we last chatted, i've had a couple fun gigs! i played my first gig at the greek theater for the "iranian voice of love"... i shit you not. his name is moein and apparently he's like a god in the world of Persian music. i have never played a gig that wasn't at least 20% english speaking. I had absolutely no idea what the lyrics were, or what the stage manager was shouting at us, everything was in a language i did not understand. it was fascinating and a one-of-a-kind career moment. 

i've been recording remotely from home a lot for film and other random projects. one particularly random project involving trailer music actually panned out this week in the trailer for murder on the orient express, a movie i was already stoked about. but now that I'm playing solo violin in the trailer?! this is one of those "look, ma! i made it!" moments. i'll leave the link here for you to check out. 

also, do you remember this time in my life when i had my first big-girl gig sidelining on ABC's the middle? that was 5 seasons ago now and the middle is in it's 9th and final farewell season. i just had a recording session for one of the last episodes. (there's a rumor that our scene may have been cut in the editing process. oh well, that's the biz.) it doesn't make the experience any less awesome. i started with the show on-screen and finished with it off-screen, in the studio. what is my life??

gah. pinch me.