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2017 in review

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if there’s one thing i’ve learned about this instagram best nine business, it’s that tiffany alvord fans are serious . (i did this photo collage once before i went to NYC and then once after. the top 5 photos blew up thanks to tiff’s fans… oh boy)


2017 was personally exciting for me. my career and my relationships all saw major growth. but our world saw decline, unrest, division. i feel uneasy about the future of america. 

2018, however, already looks as bright as the los angeles sun in december. heh heh. 

i wanted to recall some major life events this year so i don’t forget. indulge me? 


- moved apartments

- became a godmutha

- rescued a puppy

- went to walt disney world

- got to see my mom on tour

- played my first gig at the greek theater

- recorded on some major projects including halo wars 2, sharknado 5, and the trailer for murder on the orient express , amongst many others (and things i still cant talk about quite yet!). 

- went to vegas for the first time

- bought a new (to us) car

- saw hamilton! 

- performed for the cast of the greatest showman, travelled to NYC to walk the red carpet & attend the premiere

- played for the piano guys (who told me i have excellent pitch! whaaaa?)  

2018 has been dubbed “the year of the bod” by joe and i. we want to get in excellent shape this year and we have absolutely no excuses not to. we have a great gym at our apartment, its easy to eat healthy in LA, i’m young and spry, it’s the year of the bod!  

thanks for reading along. and wherever you are, i hope your 2018 is the cherry on top of a dole whip float.