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around here lately // 016

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hello from sunny LA! a deceptively sunny LA... a type of sunny that's sometimes blisteringly hot but sometimes whippingly cold. the kind of sunny LA that is 50 degrees in the morning but 80 degree by 3pm. that is not my favorite LA.

here are some snapshots from around here lately.

first, the doyles came to visit!!


boy, do we love the doyles. you may recall a wild summer we had together about a year ago or so (find that post here.) right before ryan and alissa found out that they were pregnant with baby brynlee. this time, we had the ultimate la la experience. we walked the hermosa beach pier and had brunch while listening to live jazz at the lighthouse cafe. it doesn't get more dreamy, people. then we stopped by the grove for some sprinkles, because alissa had never been to the grove?? shake shack was consumed, fat sal's was consumed, booze was consumed. we basically just turn into hungry dinosaurs around each other. 

we spent new year's together, getting day drunk and playing settlers of catan, as one does. 

i already miss them..


brando is doing well, eating, playing, stealing hearts. he got this awesome toy from our besties aaron and marissa who know us so well! and it was a pile of fluff and yarn within two days. he's blissfully happy. he fell asleep on my mom's couch the other day like a literal angel. *heart flutters*


of course, he has his moments. like when I came home from work the other day after leaving him alone for 8+ hours and he freaked out and ate his bed... he was immensely proud to show me his disaster when I got home...


and lastly in brando news, we think we found his biological brother! back when we rescued brando in march, we found him off of cragislist and bought him from a sketchy lady in compton who didn't speak any english. we were asking for a disaster, but it turned out to be a perfect situation and now we have our adorable pup! he was 8 weeks old, born in january. well... joe's music student recently informed him that they have a white maltipoo pup who they got in compton and was born in january... we remembered that the craiglist ad showed photos of brando's siblings, one was all white and had curlier hair than brando. (note above photos) this is freaky, right? and to top it all off, the student's dog is named marlow. marlow?! marlow & brando?! marlow brando?! marlin brando?! 


anyways, you're all caught up around here. joe just finished a busy gig week, i just finished a big teaching-concert week. we're exhausted. 2018 is starting off slow, as most of my years do. january is always dreary for me, career wise. it's full of teaching and very little gigging. but i'm hanging in there.

i hope you are too. 

thanks for reading.