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LA days // 001 chinatown, los angeles

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i've lived in los angeles for 18 years and i've never been to chinatown?! 

we changed that this week

and took lots of photos. joe, the blogtographer is back in business, guys.


we ate at an adorable vietnamese restaurant called blossom in old chinatown plaza. could you believe that this was my hamburgers-and-ketchup-husband's idea? he's grown so much! 

i had a rough week last week. amidst all the whining i did (and there was a lot), i was crying to joe about how i miss my city. i miss spending time with it. i can't remember the last time i went exploring just because.

it was like putting on a new pair of clean socks. i'd highly recommend exploring where you live every once in a while. it pushes your reset button. 

also, order the curry.