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LA days // 002 beverly hills

Added on by Jordan Martone.

am i a los angeleno-millennial yet?

one of my resolutions for 2018 is to get out and explore my city more. joe and i usually call them "LA days" and i thought they'd be worth documenting for anyone else who is needing an LA day.


joe planned up a fun little date for us the other day that revolved around food and photos.

we first stopped at d'amore's pizza in beverly hills. they have a great deal for a single slice, a side salad, and a soda for $9. super yum and super full. made me kinda regret wearing a midriff-bearing top...

then we went next door to magnolia bakery for a banana pudding. if you haven't had the banana pudding, let me tell ya, you're really missing out. skip the cupcakes, go for the pudding. always. *sigh* this reminds me of new york... 


then we went to the pink wall. ya know, the famous pink wall. that looks sooooo cute in all the instas? i decided i don't like the pink wall. i don't like pink, i don't know why i thought i'd like the pink wall. plus, all the tourists at the pink wall really turned me off. but then again, i was being touristy... am i a tourist even though i live here but do touristy things sometimes? joe has always joked that we should take one of those guided-bus-tours-to-the-stars-homes someday just for laughs. 

in summary, come for the food, stay for the photos, skip the pink wall. unless you like pink. then pink it up! and always get the banana pudding.